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Top Little Tikes Swing Sets for Little Ones and Toddlers

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber

If you don't have much room for your toddler to climb then this is a great Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climberindoor and outdoor toy.

Very easy and quick to put together. If your kid loves to scale everything at a very early age then this is a perfect toy for them.

It has:

  • Clubhouse windows are easy to peek through.
  • Gentle slope slide for soft landings
  • Adventurous crawl tunnel and hide out
  • Easy climbing rock wall for beginners
  • Cute neutral tones

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Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing

This Little Tikes Swing and Climber encourages role playing and imagination and is great for use indoors or outdoors.

Little Tykes Swing Along CastleThe swing of this set includes a 3-point safety belt.

Their is a gentle slope slide for soft landings and an easy climbing rock wall for beginners.

Good for use in small apartment spaces.

Consumers report that this swing set is really good for children under two years old or really small older children.

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Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set

Some customers have reported that their child quickly outgrew the Hide and Seek Swing and Slide and wish they had just invested more money and gotten a better swing set to start. So, you might want to consider the Clubhouse Swing Set first.

Little Tykes Clubhouse Swing SetWhen I was a child our swings were made from a rope tied to a tree limb and an old car tire made the seat for the swing.

Boy have swings come a long way. Now they are made out of nice color co-ordinated plastic (which is easy to clean) with all sorts of other entertaining features.

The Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set with slide is one of those new swing sets that make childhood play a great joy. You no longer have to take time to carry your child to a park in order to experience the joy of playing on a swing set.

It is built with a climbing wall and a rope ladder to help your child develop his or her motor skills, strength and agility. It also features a large slide and a fun steering wheel for hours of fun.

Their are actually two swings so your child can have fun while swinging with a friend.

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Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug N Secure Swing
Little Tikes Swing, 2 in 1 snug n secure swing for kids.

Easy in and easy out swing for baby. Has hinged T-bar and stay-put shoulder straps to help hold baby securely in place. When you child grows to the point that they don't need the T-bar and straps, they store conveniently out of the way.

Attaches easily to existing swing set or tree. Has built in drains to prevent any rain water collection. Resists fading.

Comes in bright, vibrant colors that you and your child will love.

Your child just won't be able to get enough of her swing.

Recommended ages: 9 months to 4 years..

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Home Playground Safety Tips  

History Of The Swing Set

Swings have been around for years and as with everything else they have evolved into a lot of different versions with all sorts of enhancements
I'm old as dirt and I can remember having a swing which was ropes hung over a tree limb with a flat board as the seat.  These were nice because you could swing in the shade of the big tree and feel the cool breeze on a hot summer's day.

We also had a tire swing.  This was a used car tire hung by a rope usually to a different limb of the same big tree. 

A swing gives a child something that they can do and enjoy either alone or with a parent or friend.  Kids swing their dolls or teddy bears and have great fun.

Adults love a swing also.  On a cool evening there is nothing more relaxing than to enjoy a slow swing while viewing the moon and stars. Swings for adults have evolved into a longer bench type design so a couple can sit close to each other and swing together.

Swings for kids evolved from a rope hanging from a tree to handmade swing sets.  This meant that there would be more than one swing available so more than one kid could swing at a time. Many families had swing sets in their back yard for the children to enjoy at the end of the day.  The parents could relax and enjoy watching the children while they played in the swings.  The first swing sets were made of nothing but wood and rope.  Later rope got replaces with chain because it would last longer and was less likely to break.

When titanium and aluminum came along you began to see metal swing sets.  They begin to pop up in backyards and parks everywhere.  They were pretty durable and last a lot longer.

Then features other than swings became a part of swing sets.  It soon was not uncommon to see a slide on one end of a swing set.  Some sets come with water ponds at the bottom of the slides.

Most swings today have plastic seats and slides which are safer for children (no splinters) plus they withstand the weather better.

Swings come in all sizes;  from toddler to adults.  Swings that have a half bucket shape and a buckle are made so toddlers can climb into or out of the swing on their own. 

You can even go so far as to have a hammock swing.  This is a portable bed made out of a lightweight material and usually attached to a couple of trees in the backyard or a hammock stand.

No matter your age swings are a lot of fun.  If you don't have one consider getting a porch swing or outdoor swing set for yourself or your children.

Where to Buy Little Tikes Swing Sets with Slide

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